The RISC Group

Not much is currently known about the RISC Group. It put out A Call to Arms and jointly did Everything Goes Numb with Victory, while The RISC Store is used by Tomas to sell Streetlight and BOTAR merchandise to fans worldwide. However the official RISC site has never consisted of anything more than a flash animation to begin with and a single image since late 2002, and the most significant information about it is from the booklet for the original version of A Call to Arms:

The RISC group was borne of a need for a capable gathering or artists, musicians and various other creative minds that seek the resources nescessary to produce and distribute quality material of all types.

There are countless unknown yet brilliant individuals/groups out there that cannot or will not compromise their views, beliefs, styles, or even the rights to their own work (whatever it may be) in order to get that work seen by and into the hands of potential supporters and like-minded people. Until now, the organisations and individuals that control what is released to the general public on a larger scale have had just that: control. They decide what will be heard, what will be seen and what will be accepted. The irony here is that, more often than not, these people have little to do with the artistic content of what they are "peddling".

The RISC group, although still in its infancy, exists to support and distribute all types of art and information with the focus on the creator: we push for the legal ownership of work by those that create it. No corporation should own the rights of a song, no business man should be allowed to make artistic decisions. This is reserved strictly for the artist. This system would seem like common sense, but it's been the way it is now for so long that it's become relatively impossible for a single individual to rise up and step to the side. To step outside of the mainstream, outside of the way of things as we've accepted them up until now.

We are a loose gathering of independent-minded individuals that are working together (in varying degress) to avoid having to participate in a system that lures the worker in with promises, exploits the worker, and then finally reaps the benefits of the work. If you're interested in learning more about the RISC group, visit us on the world wide web.