Future Projects

Man Bites Dog

This was mentioned in the original A Call to Arms booklet. Apparently a meat and potatoes punk rock band, whose first album is going to be called It's Go Time. They originally had a website at www.manbitesdoghq.com which consisted of a flash animation, but that has long since been taken down and archive.org doesn't save flash files. In February 2004 Josh Ansley said that the project was still active but that is the newest infomation available.

Toh Kay Design

As far as I am aware this is a non-musical project of Tomas' to sell his artwork and maybe other creations. The logo has already appeared on the BOTAR tank poster, the Streetlight Live poster and the No Child Left Behind Tour poster. The web site www.tohkaydesign.com currently only has the logo, a rather nice background and a little gif with the word eventually on it, though it used to have a small picture and a flash file.

99 Songs of Revolution

This is a planned BOTAR album mentioned in the A Call to Arms booklet. It is apparently going to be An eclectic collection of covers, ranging from Irish fight songs to Russian hymns.

Keasbey Nights Animated Series

I don't know much about this other than the fact it was mentioned on one of the scanned in pieces of paper on the Streetlight site.