Album not out, Streetlight update site

As you may have guessed Streetlight’s new album didn’t come out today. An news post from last November that I missed said it had been delayed until February but judging by Streetlight’s latest site update I doubt that too.

They did however offer an interesting postscript:

as we approach the end of mixing, we will be posting snippets of songs here, as well as providing further information about the album and the true identity of bunny’s “kidnappers”.

So that should hopefully provide something intesting, I wonder if they’ll do anything strange to them like their first teaser. And who or what is bunny?

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  1. TomPowers31 said:

    i think everyone pretty much assumed it wasnt going to come out on January 23rd. At their last show Tomas even told me and my friends that it was due sometime in spring of 07, and thats all they knew. Also that theyre gonna take a rest after the album in finished due to they (quote Tomas Kalnoky) “Played the shit out of this album[everything goes numb]”. It doesnt surprise me at all, its unlike them to have a release date so far in advance. As for bunny, im guessing that it’s some kind of concept album (considering Tom said one of the influences is The Mars Volta for this album) and bunny is the protagonist who is kidnapped. Thats all i have to say
    Viva La Revolution!

  2. yeti12 said:

    I think it’s a big lebowski reference

  3. TomPowers31 said:

    yeah but what does the dude have to do with ska?

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