New Streetlight Site Launches

The Streetlight site updated on Monday with an unveiling of a new design and a news post detailing, amongst other things, the progress of the upcoming record (it’s finished).

We’re baaaack… So, where do we begin…
B) New Record title… To be announced right here, this very month!
C) New Record song samples, to be posted here, this very month!
D) New Record release date, to be posted here, this very month!
E) First official Streetlight music video, more info soon, right here
F) Upcoming headline tour plans to be announced here in the next few weeks
G) Overseas tours to be announced by late September, including previously uncharted (by SM) continents..!
H) Please welcome our new web designer guy, Logan. Full website coming soon!
I) am out of things to list
J) K
K) Ok, really now.
L) Not sure if the mailing list is working yet, you may have to re-enlist in a few days…
M) Reminder, if you want to see us and/or AAA on the current RBF/LTJ tour, please show up a half hour before the time printed on your ticket… otherwise you may/will miss our sets and then be angry. Don’t be angry. And that is all.

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