Streetlight to Tour Australia and Japan

The Streetlight Manifesto site was recently updated to announce that they are to be touring Australia and Japan later this year. This will be their first headlining tour of Australia and the first time they have visited Japan. The Australian tour will take place between 30th October and 4th November (the dates can be found on the shows page) with support from The Resignators and Dan Potthast, while the Japanese tour will commence on the 7th and run to the 15th of November, also supported Dan Potthast and with venues and further support to be announced.

They end the update with a claim that the recently revealed Team Streetlight should be next in line to receive some attention.

Also while Victory has indeed released some “information” regarding future Streetlight activities, I think we all know by now how much credence it should be given.

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  1. TheFlyingDutchman said:

    What “Information” is this update referring to?

  2. Ian said:

    They recently released a summer catalogue of new music and merch and in it they claimed a release date of 28th October for the next SM album, which going on past performance is almost certainly false unless it’s a live album.

  3. TheFlyingDutchman said:

    I can actually believe it… maybe. Their site does say they’re locking themselves in soundrooms. Tomas doesn’t ever give exact dates though. And when I asked him if they were going to do a BOTAR album while they were taking a few months off he replied “I dunno. Maybe.” in that really-trying-to-be-innocent voice. So I don’t know what to think really.

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