Streetlight Tour Dates

First off I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates. I was without an Internet connection for all of April and about half of May so was not around when the tour dates were announced and have been busy with other things since getting it back. However I have now finally updated the shows page, where you can find all of the currently announced US summer dates as well as the first two European shows.

4 Responses to “Streetlight Tour Dates”

  1. Julian said:

    where did you get the UK dates from?

  2. goldprimus17 said:

    wtf, streetlight said the album would be finished by the time the tour started and they havent said anything on it, so that means they still need to work on it more, which means it aint coming out till after august when the tour is over. I really hope they finished and just havent got a chance to update us. I already get disapointed by waiting for guns n roses chinese democracy so im getting tired of waiting and i know i sound like a dick

  3. ilikemusic said:

    i was wondering the same thing, but i bet its done they’re just getting it ready to start sending them off to the stores. just my guess but would also like to know wats up with this new cd.

  4. goldprimus17 said:

    i just found out that streetlight announced at the shows the recording is done and the album is being mixed, however i read this off wikipedia so it might be false because i doubt streetlight has the money to pay for people to mix an album for them.

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