BOTAR Update

As some of you know the BOTAR site updated a little while ago but didn’t really add anything apart from a link to the Pentimento Music Company. However it updated again yesterday and this time actually has a whole bunch of new info.

So here’s an update for all you patient BOTAR peoples:

* BOTAR (and SM) has added some folk behind the scenes to help out with web updates and in general start kicking the “talent” around to actually get things done in some sort of timely manner.

* BOTAR is about to start recording its first full length. The plan is to release it around the same time or slightly after Streetlight gets its record done. But we’re dealing with you-know-who here so expect it sometime before the end of our current decade.

* BOTAR is recruiting musicians for recording (and possible touring in the near to distant future) on the West Coast. Yes, BOTAR is starting a West Coast Division. Now between the two groups maybe they’ll put out more than an EP every 5 years. If you or someone you know
A) play any of the following: Upright Bass, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Trombone, Any Sax, Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Mandolin, Percussion (Especially Ethnic) or anything you think might contribute and compliment the BOTAR sound
B) Are very, very skilled at your instrument
C) Are 18 years old or older
D) Live in Los Angeles County or one of the neighboring counties
D) Want to be a rich, famous rock and roll star
Please contact me at with the subject “BOTAR West Coast”
Links to video/audio of you playing or a description of your experience will really help out, so send what you have.

* BOTAR is now affiliated with the Pentimento Music Company, a tiny new label that will be releasing and distributing their records. Their site will be up shortly (and yes, from now on when we say “soon” we actually mean it)

* Please don’t email me about the band, or Streetlight or to request anything from them, I barely know more than you guys do. I’m just here to make sure things move along. And from the emails I’ve read from you all, it’s about damn time.

Jarek, RISC
March 16, 2007

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