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“99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I” Released Today

As I’m sure most of you remembered, 99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I was finally released today. As mentioned previously the best place to pick up a physical copy would either be at a Streetlight Manifesto show or from The RISC Store
Streetlight Manifesto had this to say about it:
03.16.2010 | Voila!
It is with great […]

Pentimento Music Releases “Hell” MP3

The Pentimento Music Company have released for free download an MP3 of the song “Hell” from Streetlight Manifesto’s upcoming 99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I.

Streetlight Manifesto Reveal Track List and Album Art for “99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I”

Streetlight Manifesto have finally revealed the track list and album art for their upcoming release 99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I and put it up for pre-order on both vinyl and CD at The RISC Store. They also confirmed 16th March as the release date.
Track list:

“Birds Flying Away” - Mason Jennings
“Hell” - Squirrel […]

Likely Release Date for 99 Songs of Revolution Volume 1

Victory Records have revealed a release date of 16th March for Streetlight Manifesto’s upcoming cover album 99 Songs of Revolution. While any news that comes from Victory rather than the band should always be taken with a pinch of salt, it seems likely that this is legitimate given the albums completed state. No […]

Streetlight Manifesto Come Out of Hiding

11.17.2009 | Still Alive, Still Kicking
Hello there everyone. Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?
1) 99 SOR. We’re being buried with emails regarding the release date but we can’t announce one because we don’t know when it is. What we can say is this: some record labels (not naming names here, so it can’t be […]

The Stitch Up’s Second Album “Set Your Alarm” Available on RISC Store

Thanks to Mike for just e-mailing me to say that The Stitch Up’s second album Set Your Alarm is now available on the RISC Store.

Streetlight to Play a Few US Headline Dates Before Warped

Streetlight Manifesto have updated their site with the dates of the last few US headline shows they are doing before they embark on the Warped tour. In regards to the current, nearly over, European tour they explained that, due to a personal matter, trumpet player Matt Stewart had to return home, so they have […]

First Part of 99 Songs of Revolution out Before Warped Tour

The Streetlight Manifesto site was updated today with news that they will be wrapping up recording and mixing the first part of 99 Songs of Revolution within the next few weeks, and that it will be available (in some form) sometime before the Warped Tour starts. A track listing and additional release info should […]

RISC Store Sale

The RISC Store is currently having an “economic stimulus sale”, where everything is reduced by 10%. The items are still listed at their normal prices and the discount is only applied after you add them to your cart. So head over there and pick up any CDs you don’t already have, or perhaps […]

Tomas Kalnoky Interviewed by the AP Show

A few days ago Alternative Press posted an interview and acoustic set with Tomas Kalnoky. He talks about (among other things) his influences, being on Victory, the writing process, and the 99 Songs of Revolution project, as well as playing acoustic versions of “Somewhere in the Between”, “Forty Days” and “Dear Sergio”. You […]

99 Songs of Revolution Emerges

Nearly 7 years after it was first announced in the A Call to Arms liner notes, new information about 99 Songs of Revolution has finally been released. In updates to both the Streetlight Manifesto and Pentimento sites it was announced that the project will span eight releases in total, two each from SM and […]

HiFi Handgrenades Off 4OO7I3B9 Tour, Photographers Can Now Apply for Photo Passes

Streetlight Manifesto have managed to keep to their update schedule this week after missing last Tuesday’s, for which they apologise and promise to compensate for by posting big news on the SM and Pentimento sites next Tuesday.
The main item this week is that the HiFi Hand Grenades are off of the US leg of the […]

Streetlight Manifesto Launch International Site

This week’s Streetlight updated revealed a new international site for non–English-speaking people who are new to the band. As well as a short introductory description in several languages the site features 3 full downloadable tracks from each of their albums (yes, that includes Keasbey) and a link to the HD video for “We Will […]

Dan Potthast and SitB Now on RISC Store

As of today you can get Dan Potthast’s first album on Pentimento Music, Eat the Planet, from the RISC Store, as well as a “Dan Who?” t-shirt. Streetlight Manifesto’s Somewhere in the Between has also finally been added.

Pentimento Site Launches as Promised

While it was a little last minute, the new Pentimento site went up yesterday as promised. Not much content at the moment: a news post with some info about Pentimento and promises of lots of records and other projects in the pipeline, and lots of updates to come; bios for each of the […]

Streetlight to Update on Tuesdays, 2 More Shows Posted

The Streetlight site received yet another update today, the bulk of it regarding future updates:
We will try our best to post SM (and related) news primarily on Tuesdays. Throughout the week, randomly, we may post a blurb or two, but we’ll try our best to reserve the bigger stuff for the day after Monday (or […]

Pentimento Site to Launch on 15th July

The Pentimento site has been updated to show an image claiming the site will launch on 15th July 2008, just 7 days from now. While we all know how the RISC lot have been with promises, the fact that there is an actual date is rather encouraging.

The Stitch Up debut album now available from the RISC Store

It’s been for sale at the shows on the Somewhere in the Between Tour but now The Stitch Up’s debut album Attitude Adjuster is available from the RISC Store for $10.00.

Tomas to release The Stitch Up’s debut album

In an interview with Dan Potthast has announced that the debut album by his new band, The Stitch Up, will be released by Tomas Kalnoky on a “new label” that is presumably Pentimento Music. This would seem to be confirmed by The Stitch Up’s Myspace. He also announced that The Stitch Up […]

BOTAR Update

As some of you know the BOTAR site updated a little while ago but didn’t really add anything apart from a link to the Pentimento Music Company. However it updated again yesterday and this time actually has a whole bunch of new info.
So here’s an update for all you patient BOTAR peoples:
* BOTAR (and […]