Streetlight to Update on Tuesdays, 2 More Shows Posted

The Streetlight site received yet another update today, the bulk of it regarding future updates:

We will try our best to post SM (and related) news primarily on Tuesdays. Throughout the week, randomly, we may post a blurb or two, but we’ll try our best to reserve the bigger stuff for the day after Monday (or late, late Monday night. Since we like to sleep in. You know, since we’re lazy, deadbeat no-good musicians and all. Don’t judge us. Shut up.) This way you know you can check in once a week for the most recent news. Or whatever.

On the tour front the main support for Leg One of 4OO7I3B9 is HiFi Handgrenades, and 2 new dates have been posted, in Cleveland, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona.

They also mention the earlier Pentimento announcement (which will apparently involve more information about the elusive RISC) and link to their MySpace.

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