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Streetlight to Update on Tuesdays, 2 More Shows Posted

The Streetlight site received yet another update today, the bulk of it regarding future updates:
We will try our best to post SM (and related) news primarily on Tuesdays. Throughout the week, randomly, we may post a blurb or two, but we’ll try our best to reserve the bigger stuff for the day after Monday (or […]

Tomas to release The Stitch Up’s debut album

In an interview with Dan Potthast has announced that the debut album by his new band, The Stitch Up, will be released by Tomas Kalnoky on a “new label” that is presumably Pentimento Music. This would seem to be confirmed by The Stitch Up’s Myspace. He also announced that The Stitch Up […]

RISC to release Dan Potthast album after all?

An update to the RISC Store would seem to confirm that the RISC Group will be releasing the next Dan Potthast solo album

RISC Group to release Dan Potthast album?

Ska is reports that Tomas is to record and release Dan Potthast’s next solo album.
Update: Ska is pulled the story