News Archive for March, 2010

“99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I” Released Today

As I’m sure most of you remembered, 99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I was finally released today. As mentioned previously the best place to pick up a physical copy would either be at a Streetlight Manifesto show or from The RISC Store
Streetlight Manifesto had this to say about it:
03.16.2010 | Voila!
It is with great […]

Tickets for Hoboken Streetlight Manifesto Show, More Tour Dates Coming “Soon”

Info for how to get tickets for the upcoming show at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken have been posted on the Streetlight Manifesto site, along with the claim that more tour dates are coming soon, including international ones.
The tickets for the Hoboken show can be purchased online from 29th March for students and […]

Downloads, Tracker and Contact Page Fixed

It was brought to my attention today that some of the downloads were not working. This has now been fixed, as have the torrent tracker and contact page which were also broken.

Official Facebook Page for Streetlight Manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto now have an official Facebook page, run by the same guy who does their MySpace.

Streetlight Manifesto Upload “Julio” and Further Decry Victory

Streetlight Manifesto have updated their last news post with further criticism of Victory and a free download of their cover of “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” by Paul Simon
As a bonus, let’s play “GUESS THAT QUOTE”!!!1! Here it is:
“I absolutely believe that allowing people to cherry-pick the tracks they want from each album […]

Streetlight Manifesto Implore Fans to Boycott Victory Records

Streetlight Manifesto posted a rather interesting update to their site today:
Hello there. Just a quick note from us:
If you want to support Streetlight Manifesto by buying a CD, shirt, hoodie, poster, etc etc, PLEASE do not buy anything from Victory Records or their website. Use our online store or […]

Streetlight Manifesto Post Third April Show Date

Streetlight Manifesto have posted the details for a third show in April. It previously appeared on their site without details, but was pulled for unknown reasons. The show is on the 24th April at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and is with Patent Pending.

Pentimento Music Releases “Hell” MP3

The Pentimento Music Company have released for free download an MP3 of the song “Hell” from Streetlight Manifesto’s upcoming 99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I.

Streetlight Manifesto Post “Hell” Sample

Streetlight have posted a sample of their cover of “Hell” by the Squirrel Nut Zippers on YouTube.