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Smiles for Macavity and Rules of the Game Booklets Scanned

A user on LiveJournal was kind enough to upload scans of the booklets of both Smiles for Macavity and Rules of the Game (scans of RotG were uploaded a while ago but I forgot to post about them and they were of poorer quality). The booklets have quite a few interesting bits of […]

Track listing for Permanent Revolution

A track listing for Permanent Revolution has been posted on Victory’s Catch 22 page.

The Spark
Party Song
The Decembrists’ Song
A Minor Point
On the Black Sea
Bad Party
Alma Ata
The Purge

Catch release cover art for Permanent Revolution

In case anyone hasn’t been keeping an eye on the Catch 22 website, they have recently updated it to match their new album, Permanent Revolution, which they have just released cover art for (click thumbnail for larger version). In addition to the new website they have set it up so you can now buy […]