Smiles for Macavity and Rules of the Game Booklets Scanned

Smiles for Macavity cover art A user on LiveJournal was kind enough to upload scans of the booklets of both Smiles for Macavity and Rules of the Game (scans of RotG were uploaded a while ago but I forgot to post about them and they were of poorer quality). The booklets have quite a few interesting bits of info in them, especially SfM, which includes the line-up, song titles showing that the mp3s drifting around for years have two mistakes, as well as partial lyrics which I’ve used to slightly improve the ones we have on here, though they are still pretty incomplete.
The scans can be found on the Miscellaneous Downloads page along with cleaned up versions of the covers, and I’d like to thank Logan on the forum for bringing this to the attention of everyone as these have been available for a month now without anyone noticing.

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  1. evildead13 said:

    Did anyone else notice on these it says “RING Group”? could that be a working title, or am i missing something?

  2. yogurtmonster said:

    yeah, I noticed that. I was wondering about it too…

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