Streetlight Manifesto Launch International Site

This week’s Streetlight updated revealed a new international site for non–English-speaking people who are new to the band. As well as a short introductory description in several languages the site features 3 full downloadable tracks from each of their albums (yes, that includes Keasbey) and a link to the HD video for “We Will Fall Together” to serve as an introduction to their music. While the site features 13 languages currently (including English) they are keen to get more, particularly Chinese, Croatian, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, and Swedish, so if you know any of those languages (or any others that aren’t available) and feel like helping them out feel free to translate it and e-mail them.

Also the poster for the upcoming 4 Out of 7 in 3 Before 9 tour was posted on the Pentimento site last week.
4 Out of 7 in 3 Before 9 tour flyer

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