Catch release cover art for Permanent Revolution

Permanent Revolution coverIn case anyone hasn’t been keeping an eye on the Catch 22 website, they have recently updated it to match their new album, Permanent Revolution, which they have just released cover art for (click thumbnail for larger version). In addition to the new website they have set it up so you can now buy advanced tickets from the site, with the added bonus of anyone buying 4 or more tickets at once getting to attend their soundcheck. There is also a video at the bottom of the new site where Kevin explains more.

3 Responses to “Catch release cover art for Permanent Revolution”

  1. dothebackstab said:

    The video at the bottom seems to have some of the *new* music playing in the background…

    Oh and how do yo feel about making a message board here considering the RIP-ness of Skachilles?

  2. Darren said:

    That track listing above of the “new album” gave me a nervously-excited shit-eating grin for about 2 seconds before I scrolled down and realised it was Catch-22.

    Anyway, I was on that retard-infested-yet-quite-useful site YouTube a moment ago, and saw this video - which shows Senior Discount’s “run-in” with Streetlight Manifesto. I’m not sure if this makes me some sort of ignorant newb, but still, it’s kind of weird. That Senior Discount are a bit up themselves…

  3. dothebackstab said:

    hahahaha, thats the funniest thing ever. i can’t believe how much they made a big deal about something thats not really that scandalous.

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