News Archive for August, 2009

The Stitch Up’s Second Album “Set Your Alarm” Available on RISC Store

Thanks to Mike for just e-mailing me to say that The Stitch Up’s second album Set Your Alarm is now available on the RISC Store.

Official Music Video for “Would You Be Impressed?”

Streetlight Manifesto have uploaded their second official music video to their YouTube account, and this time it’s for “Would You Be Impressed?”. The description with the video is definitely worth a read, and in case it “disappears” here it is in full:
This is Streetlight Manifesto’s second music video, this time for “Would You Be […]

Streetlight Manifesto South American Tour Cancelled, Albums to Be Performed in Full at NYC Shows

Streetlight Manifesto have updated their site with news that their planned South American tour in September has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to problems cause by swine flu, with plans to reschedule for 2010.
They also updated their upcoming shows for the “Last Tour of the Decade” (new dates on the shows page as usual) […]

Fearless Music Post Third Streetlight Manifesto Video

Fearless Music have uploaded a third video of the set Streetlight Manifesto did for them, and this time the song is “Would You Be Impressed?”.