HiFi Handgrenades Off 4OO7I3B9 Tour, Photographers Can Now Apply for Photo Passes

Streetlight Manifesto have managed to keep to their update schedule this week after missing last Tuesday’s, for which they apologise and promise to compensate for by posting big news on the SM and Pentimento sites next Tuesday.

The main item this week is that the HiFi Hand Grenades are off of the US leg of the 4OO7I3B9 Tour due to financial difficulties, specifically the expense of touring overseas. A full explanation can be found in a blog post on their MySpace.

In addition SM have revealed that they will be offering photo passes for upcoming shows, providing a couple of criteria are met:

You must be at least 18 and you must have some sort of online portfolio (confirmable to be you, ie flickr etc) with decent photos on it (no noobs!). We will be accepting between 1 and 3 photogs per show. Write in to photog (at) streetlightmanifesto (dot) com with your full name, your age, your online portfolio, and your equipment list and if you hear back from us, you’re in. If you don’t hear from us (we get TONS of email, sorry!), please try again next time we’re coming through your town. We figure this will be a nice way to foster up and coming photographers who normally don’t get a chance to get up close at shows. Just be sure to get our good sides.

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