Streetlight Manifesto Come Out of Hiding

11.17.2009 | Still Alive, Still Kicking
Hello there everyone. Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

1) 99 SOR. We’re being buried with emails regarding the release date but we can’t announce one because we don’t know when it is. What we can say is this: some record labels (not naming names here, so it can’t be “libel”) are just plain horrendous. That’s pretty much all we can say for now. Seriously though, it’s a sad fact that the bullshit bands have to put up with from some labels isn’t worth the benefits (ha!) of being on said labels.

That being said, it looks like 99SOR: Volume One will be released on vinyl via the Pentimento Music Company long before it comes out on CD or digitally. Stay tuned for a release date for the vinyl. We’ll also be posting clips from the record in the next few days, along with artwork, since it is in fact finished and just sitting around (you have no idea how frustrating it is).

2) People are also asking when we’ll be hitting the road again. We have no tours planned as of this very minute but we are planning our 2010 now. More importantly, though, we will be heading into the studio soon (as is a particular electricity deficient collective..) and we don’t plan on touring until we have a few records to release.

3) The Risc Store just got a bunch of new items, Streetlight and otherwise. ‘Tis the season yada yada blah blah blah..

4) During our downtime, our resident tenor sax genius will be giving lessons. Straight from the Conti’s mouth:

Jim Conti will be offering saxophone lessons along with music theory tutoring/instruction in the Montgomery County, Maryland/NW D.C. area. Individual instruction for all levels on alto, tenor, or baritone. Lessons can include classical and/or jazz and improvisational instruction. Anyone interested can contact him (serious inquiries please) at for more information.

Obviously we are very fond of our Jimmy, so no stalkers or creeps please.

That is all, see you at the next update, with soundclips!

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