The Stitch Up to Record Second Album

The Pentimento site has updated announcing that The Stitch Up are to head into the studio next week to begin recording their second album, a follow-up to 2007’s Attitude Adjuster, with a release expected before the end of the year.

99 Songs of Revolution Emerges

Nearly 7 years after it was first announced in the A Call to Arms liner notes, new information about 99 Songs of Revolution has finally been released. In updates to both the Streetlight Manifesto and Pentimento sites it was announced that the project will span eight releases in total, two each from SM and BOTAR and the other four split between two yet to be announced SM-related Pentimento acts (could Man Bites Dog be one of them?). The first pair of releases will be out in early 2009, one from SM and one from one of the unknown acts. Victory will be releasing the two SM CDs while Pentimento will be handling the other six as well as vinyl of all of the releases. Read the full updates below.

Pentimento update:

New Cover Records Series

Streetlight Manifesto will be putting out the first of 8 records comprising the “99 Songs of Revolution” Project. For more info, check out their site. 99SOR is a series of cover records from SM, BOTAR and 2 other yet to be announced PMC groups. PMC will be releasing and distributing the vinyl for the first chapter of 99SOR, as well as all forms of the other 6 non-SM releases. 99SOR Volume I hits stores and iTunes in early 2009.

Streetlight update:

New Album(s) News

Ok, technically it’s not a new original record, but here it is: A few years ago, when BOTAR (Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution) released it’s first (and so far only) record, there was a mention in the liner notes of a large project called “99 Songs of Revolution”. This is a collection of 99 cover songs, spanning all kinds of genres, all kinds of artists. Now, a few years later, it’s all going down. And here are the details. Some of them, at least.

The 99 Songs of Revolution Project will consist of 8 full length records. Two from SM, two from BOTAR, and two each from two other SM related groups. Yes, this is indeed the record that Victory mistakingly posted as coming out in Oct of 08. Not sure how they got that date, but it was never even a possibility. The first SM record for 99SOR will be out in early 2009, simultaneously with another of the 8 CDs (no, not the BOTAR one). Victory will be putting out the CDs and mp3s and Pentimento will be releasing and distributing the vinyl. We are aware of our reputation to take forever to release records and miss our self imposed deadlines, so we are not giving anyone solid dates, not even our labels. Early 09 release, that’s it. We are, though, working hard on it. The demos are all but done and we head into the studio to begin tracking in October. Our upcoming tour schedule, as you know, is borderline impossible/insane, so cut us some slack.

This will be a nice way for us to get into the studio and put out some “new” music as well as tide you guys over until our next full length. It’s been a project that’s been on the back burner for too long, and it’s time to do something about it. Stay tuned to this site as well as the Pentimento site for more info over the coming weeks. Also make sure to keep peeking in on our other sites, as we’re in the middle of working on a few projects that have been dormant for way too long.

Buffalo, New York Show Moved, Fear Nuttin’ Band to replace HiFi Handgrenades

The upcoming Buffalo, NY show that was at the Infinity has been replaced by Streetlight Manifesto supporting The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the Town Ballroom (only SM though, none of their tour supports). Tickets are not transferable and will be refunded. Additionally Fear Nuttin’ Band have been announced as the replacement tour support after HiFi Handgrenades’ cancellation.

HiFi Handgrenades Off 4OO7I3B9 Tour, Photographers Can Now Apply for Photo Passes

Streetlight Manifesto have managed to keep to their update schedule this week after missing last Tuesday’s, for which they apologise and promise to compensate for by posting big news on the SM and Pentimento sites next Tuesday.

The main item this week is that the HiFi Hand Grenades are off of the US leg of the 4OO7I3B9 Tour due to financial difficulties, specifically the expense of touring overseas. A full explanation can be found in a blog post on their MySpace.

In addition SM have revealed that they will be offering photo passes for upcoming shows, providing a couple of criteria are met:

You must be at least 18 and you must have some sort of online portfolio (confirmable to be you, ie flickr etc) with decent photos on it (no noobs!). We will be accepting between 1 and 3 photogs per show. Write in to photog (at) streetlightmanifesto (dot) com with your full name, your age, your online portfolio, and your equipment list and if you hear back from us, you’re in. If you don’t hear from us (we get TONS of email, sorry!), please try again next time we’re coming through your town. We figure this will be a nice way to foster up and coming photographers who normally don’t get a chance to get up close at shows. Just be sure to get our good sides.

Tomas to DJ on Sirius Radio

This week’s Streetlight Manifesto update came a little late, and unfortunately contains no major news. The main item is:

Tomas will be guest DJ’ing Sirius Channel 29 (the Punk Rock Channel) sometime in September. It’s been recorded but won’t be airing for another month or so. He’ll be playing some of his favorite punk rock tunes, commenting on them and in general sounding uncomfortable and awkward.

The rest of the update thanked those who have provided more languages for the new international site; announces a new European booking agent (Ian at Hidden Talent Booking) with a hint at a mainland Europe tour being in the works; and warns that a lot of the upcoming US shows will sell out, especially the Los Angeles show, though it is unlikely that the Omaha show will.

Another New Streetlight Print

A 6th print was added to the RISC store today, this time showing the art from the Streetlight “Silhouette” shirt. It’s the same size and price (9″ x 22″, $8) as the last two, but is in a smaller run of 200.

“Silhouette” print:
Streetlight Manifesto "Silhouette" Screen Print

Smiles for Macavity and Rules of the Game Booklets Scanned

Smiles for Macavity cover art A user on LiveJournal was kind enough to upload scans of the booklets of both Smiles for Macavity and Rules of the Game (scans of RotG were uploaded a while ago but I forgot to post about them and they were of poorer quality). The booklets have quite a few interesting bits of info in them, especially SfM, which includes the line-up, song titles showing that the mp3s drifting around for years have two mistakes, as well as partial lyrics which I’ve used to slightly improve the ones we have on here, though they are still pretty incomplete.
The scans can be found on the Miscellaneous Downloads page along with cleaned up versions of the covers, and I’d like to thank Logan on the forum for bringing this to the attention of everyone as these have been available for a month now without anyone noticing.

Streetlight Manifesto Launch International Site

This week’s Streetlight updated revealed a new international site for non–English-speaking people who are new to the band. As well as a short introductory description in several languages the site features 3 full downloadable tracks from each of their albums (yes, that includes Keasbey) and a link to the HD video for “We Will Fall Together” to serve as an introduction to their music. While the site features 13 languages currently (including English) they are keen to get more, particularly Chinese, Croatian, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, and Swedish, so if you know any of those languages (or any others that aren’t available) and feel like helping them out feel free to translate it and e-mail them.

Also the poster for the upcoming 4 Out of 7 in 3 Before 9 tour was posted on the Pentimento site last week.
4 Out of 7 in 3 Before 9 tour flyer

“We Will Fall Together” HD Video and Last 4OO7I3B9 Leg One Date Posted

The Streetlight Manifesto site was updated today with a link to the long-awaited high-definition version of the “We Will Fall Together” video. They also revealed the show on 14th October on the first leg of the 4OO7I3B9 tour, which is at the Sokol Underground in Omaha, Nebraska.

Another possible update later today was hinted at, dependent on someone [getting] their act together.

Dan Potthast and SitB Now on RISC Store

As of today you can get Dan Potthast’s first album on Pentimento Music, Eat the Planet, from the RISC Store, as well as a “Dan Who?” t-shirt. Streetlight Manifesto’s Somewhere in the Between has also finally been added.

Team Streetlight to Launch Soon; Will Give Out Guest List Spots

Streetlight have posted their weekly update, this one concerning Team Streetlight. It’s rather long so you can head over to the site if you want to read it but the main points are that the Team Streetlight site should be live soon and you can sign up on the Streetlight Manifesto e-list to be notified, plus once it is active one of its functions will be to offer 3 guest list spots to Team Streetlight members for each show.

A couple of changes to the SM site last week that weren’t previously posted are the addition of ticket links for most of the US shows and some of the UK ones, as well as the posting of the FAQ section, which is worth checking out.

Pentimento Site Launches as Promised

While it was a little last minute, the new Pentimento site went up yesterday as promised. Not much content at the moment: a news post with some info about Pentimento and promises of lots of records and other projects in the pipeline, and lots of updates to come; bios for each of the current PMC roster of Dan Potthast, The Stitch Up, Streetlight Manifesto, and Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution; and a flash player to listen to several of the artists’ tracks, as well as a free downloadable mp3 of the Dan Potthast song “Fan”.

Two New Prints on RISC Store

Two new prints have been added to the RISC store, both of which should look familiar if you have ever seen the red Streetlight “Stereo” t-shirt. Both of them cost $8.00, are two-colour screen prints, and come signed and numbered out of 250 by the artist.

“Boombox” print:
Streetlight Manifesto "Boombox" Screen Print
“Cassette” print:
Streetlight Manifesto "Cassette" Screen Print

Streetlight to Update on Tuesdays, 2 More Shows Posted

The Streetlight site received yet another update today, the bulk of it regarding future updates:

We will try our best to post SM (and related) news primarily on Tuesdays. Throughout the week, randomly, we may post a blurb or two, but we’ll try our best to reserve the bigger stuff for the day after Monday (or late, late Monday night. Since we like to sleep in. You know, since we’re lazy, deadbeat no-good musicians and all. Don’t judge us. Shut up.) This way you know you can check in once a week for the most recent news. Or whatever.

On the tour front the main support for Leg One of 4OO7I3B9 is HiFi Handgrenades, and 2 new dates have been posted, in Cleveland, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona.

They also mention the earlier Pentimento announcement (which will apparently involve more information about the elusive RISC) and link to their MySpace.

Pentimento Site to Launch on 15th July

Pentimento logo with caption “Site launching July 15 2008”The Pentimento site has been updated to show an image claiming the site will launch on 15th July 2008, just 7 days from now. While we all know how the RISC lot have been with promises, the fact that there is an actual date is rather encouraging.

Streetlight Announce Mega-Tour

Well Streetlight managed to keep their promise and have updated their site today, twice in fact, with news of an upcoming mega-tour, entitled “4 Out of 7 in 3 Before 9″ (4 out of 7 continents in 3 months before 2009). The first leg starts October 8th in New York and ends on the 19th in California and features The Swellers and The AKA’s. The second and third legs are the previously posted Australian and Japanese tours and the final leg arrives in Southampton, England on 1st December and runs until the 13th with support from Random Hand and Dan Potthast. All the currently announced dates are, of course, on the shows page as usual.

For those of you not being graced by SM’s presence they assure you that come 2009 they will be hitting the road again in January & February to take care of any missed US states, before heading over to mainland Europe (and hint at yet more after that).

Streetlight Quash Rumours, Post Japanese Dates

Streetlight have updated their site with the unsurprising announcement that no, they will not be releasing an album on 28th October as the Victory Summer Catalog claimed. They also denied rumours about an upcoming UK tour with certain bands (the ones I heard were Zebrahead and/or Fandangle) or playing the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

It’s not all bad news though, as they have released the first of the Japanese dates, which can now be found on the shows page, and hinted of more tour dates to come tomorrow.

Streetlight to Tour Australia and Japan

The Streetlight Manifesto site was recently updated to announce that they are to be touring Australia and Japan later this year. This will be their first headlining tour of Australia and the first time they have visited Japan. The Australian tour will take place between 30th October and 4th November (the dates can be found on the shows page) with support from The Resignators and Dan Potthast, while the Japanese tour will commence on the 7th and run to the 15th of November, also supported Dan Potthast and with venues and further support to be announced.

They end the update with a claim that the recently revealed Team Streetlight should be next in line to receive some attention.

Also while Victory has indeed released some “information” regarding future Streetlight activities, I think we all know by now how much credence it should be given.

Dates for Streetlight’s Next US Tour Announced

The dates for Streetlight Manifesto’s next North American tour were posted on their PureVolume page a few days ago but they have just appeared on the official site and I’ve also finally added then to the shows page. The tour runs from 29th March to 8th May, features support from ZOX and Dan Potthast and hits Canada for 3 dates.

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